Books That Foster Critical Literacy:

Avi. (1993). Nothing but the truth. New York: Avon. (U)

Bunting, E. (1997). A day’s work. New York: Clarion Books. (P)

Bunting, E. (1999). Smokey night. San Diego: Voyager. (P-M)

Curtis, C.P. (2000). The Watsons go to Burmingham – 1963. New York: Laurel Leaf. (M-U)

Fleischman, P. (2004) Seedfolks. New York: Harper-Trophy. (M)

Golenbock, P. (1992). Teammates. San Diego: Voyager. (M)

Hesse, K. (2001). Witness. New York: Scholastic. (U)

Hiaasen, C. (2006). Hoot. New York: Yearling. (M-U)

Hiaasen, C. (2007). Flush. New York: Knopf. (M-U)

Lowry, L. (2006). The giver. New York: Delacorte. (U)

Ringgold, F. (2003). If a bus could talk: The story of Rosa Parks. New York: Aladdin Books. (P-M)

Ryan, P.M. (2002). Esperanza rising. New York: Blue Sky Press. (M)

Uchida, Y. (1996). The bracelet. New York: Puttman. (P)

Winter, J. (2008). Wangari’s trees of peace: A true story from Africa. San Diego: Harcourt. (P-M)

Woodson, J. (2001). The other side. New York: Putman. (P)[4]

Resources for Finding Culturally Diverse Books:

The following is a selection of the many books that you might want to consult when selecting culturally diverse literature.

A committee of the International Reading Association also generates a list, “Notable Books for a Global Society”, published annually in the February issue of The Reading Teacher.[5]