Thank you for visiting my website focusing on critical literacy in the 21st century. My name is Rachel Forstat. I am a senior in the College of Education at Michigan State University, and I will be graduating in May of 2010 with a teaching major in Elementary Education and a teaching minor in language arts.

I have created this site as a means to express my thoughts and feelings in regards to teaching critical literacy in the 21st century. Here, I will document my journey towards discovering: what it means to be critically literate, why critical literacy is an important concept for the 21st century, and how I can empower my future students to use literacy as a means to challenge the injustices and inequities present in the global community.

My Goal:

One goal of mine is to give students the tools to critique ideas that encourages or legitimizes social inequality…every idea that teaches them they are incapable of imagining and building a fundamentally equal and just society[1].